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The Precious Last Moments With Your Pet

After re-reading Signs by Laura Lynn Jackson when my 17 year old silky terrier, BB, crossed I had new eyes to view her wisdom through. In the final chapter of her book she explains to us how on the other side, our souls instantaneously feel the interconnectedness of all that is, was and will be. The body and soul are different. In the last moments of life, we realize we are not our bodies. We are our souls. We are all energetic beings. This wisdom helped me to understand where BB went when she crossed and even more importantly, where we are all going.

When BB had to be set free from her physical body, there was a last moment we shared. Her vet had prepped me for what was about to happen as we sat in my car, in the parking lot of the vet clinic, me holding BB and Dr. Victoria holding the syringe that would soon stop my most precious companions heart. I said, “I’m ready”, Dr. Victoria and I looked at each other and I stared into BB’s eyes one last time. Not know what this would be like I held my breath and cried silent tears as the seconds took hours. BB lifted her head, sat up, and then fell into my waiting hands, catching her lifeless little body. I've have had this moment replay like a horror film since that moment together on earth. It has tortured me.

Until this moment I have not been able to make sense of what that moment meant for BB. I know any pet owner that has had to help their furry friend cross knows these thoughts and feelings all too well. I’m here to share, it was not all the horrifying thoughts I’ve been thinking they were. I now know, this was BB’s soul getting plugged back into the the energy of the universe. We are not our bodies. We are our souls. We are energetic beings that get caught up in the here and now. Staying open to the interconnectedness of the universe we stay connected to the collective energy source. BB was showing me not that she didn’t want to go, but that she was rushing to greet all the souls that waited for her on the other side. When BB crossed she received her instant download from the universe of all that exists. When we no longer have our bodies, nothing separates us from others. I know BB’s consciousness is eternal and will never be far from me.

Laura writes, “Here on earth it can take a little time to accept the universal truth that we all belong to one another” I cannot think of a better way to handle the grief that comes with losing a precious pet. They not only belong to us but we belong to them in this lifetime and beyond. We are all energy. Love never dies. We carry it with us. I carry her in my heart as she is forever in mine.

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