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Listen to Business Meets Soul Podcast with Annie Cornish and Tara Hegerty

In this episode we discuss

  • Annie’s pet loss experience and how that led her to write a book.

  • The grief process when it comes to losing a beloved pet.

  • Coping mechanisms, rituals and activities that can help you moving through a similar experience.

  • Support systems and the importance of having one when you lose a pet.

  • Connection to death and how Annie’s experience with pet loss shaped her perspective on death.

  • And lastly how can we create a more open and understanding dialogue around pet loss and grief.

A little about Tara: The Sacred Healer

Tara helps conscious leaders with big hearts align with their highest paths in life and business so that they can positively shift the planet.

Here’s a quick rundown of her background and qualifications:

  • Degrees in Psychology and Holistic Counseling

  • Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

  • Advanced Practitioner in Integrative Energy Healing and Akashic Record Reading

  • Trained in Kinesiology foundational skills

  • Currently studying Advanced Kinesiology

  • Diploma in Tea Blending

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