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Healing Hearts When Your Pet Departs

Start Your Healing Journey After the Loss of Your Beloved Pet, Here

A place to keep your pet's memory forever

A session to have your grief and memories witnessed

Access immediate tools for healing your heart

Understand Your Heartache

The pain of losing a pet is profound and unique, leaving a void that's hard to fill. Whether you're grieving a pet or looking for a comforting gift for someone in sorrow, "Loss Unleashed" offers solace. It’s not just about missing a pet; it’s about honoring a beloved family member, a confidant, and a source of unconditional love.

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Healing from Pet Loss - Loss Unleashed - Annie Cornish and Pet

Meet Your Guide

Healing from Pet Loss - Loss Unleashed

Andrea, the heart behind "Loss Unleashed," understands this journey of loss intimately. Through her own experience of grief, she's become a beacon of empathy, offering her guidance to help you or someone you care about find peace and navigate sorrow.


Discover a Path Forward:
Your Healing Journey

  1. For Individuals: Engage 1:1 with Andrea to share your story and feel your grief acknowledged in a personal session.

2. For Pet Care Professionals: Consider offering "Loss Unleashed" as a gift of solace to your clients. Bulk purchase options available.

3. Free Pet Grief Course: Immediate tools and support for healing.

4. Paperback and Audible Bundle: Keep your pet’s memory alive with a lasting tribute. Ideal for personal reflection or as a thoughtful gift.

Healing from Pet Loss - Loss Unleashed

Take the First Step

It’s time to start on your journey towards healing with Loss Unleashed. Whether for yourself or as a heartfelt gift, this guide offers a path to finding peace in the midst of pet loss.

For Pet Professionals: Enrich your client relationships and provide comfort by offering "Loss Unleashed" to those grieving.

Imagine Your Success

With "Loss Unleashed" by your side, envision a future where your heart feels lighter. Whether you’re moving forward with cherished memories or helping someone else do so, find a new way to honor the love shared with a pet.


Understand the Stakes

Navigating grief without support can feel isolating. "Loss Unleashed" is a companion in this journey, ensuring no one has to walk this path alone, whether it’s you or someone you’re supporting through their grief.

Hear From Those Who've Walked This Path

Hugging Birman Cat

I have recently lost a dear pet and struggled with the loss. I was given this book by a friend and it has helped me immensely. A great book for the loss of my 4 legged family member

Girl Carrying Hen

"This book touches the very essence of the bond of love between humans and their pets. It must read for all pet owners..."

Couple with their Baby

Loss Unleashed is a beautiful declaration of the love that we have for our pets.

Dog Owner

The wisdom and compassion in this book are invaluable, making it a must-read for anyone dealing with pet loss. I can't recommend it enough.

Let’s Connect for more on how "Loss Unleashed" can help you, your friends, family, or your clients in pet-related businesses find peace and healing.

Join the Community of Healing

Start Your Healing Journey: Grab your copy now, or gift it to someone in need.

Share Your Pet’s Legacy: Encourage healing by sharing your story or enabling others to share theirs.

Transform grief into a journey of love, memory, and healing with "Loss Unleashed."urage healing by sharing your story or enabling others to share theirs.

Let's Connect

Loss Unleashed - Let's Connect

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